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Zach Clowdus

Tel: 214-315-5630

At Clowdus Studios, we aim to create the most intriguing and beautiful photos that show the excitement and love that surrounds a wedding. We know you are not just looking for any photographer, you are looking for someone who is able to help you capture the memories that you will hold on to for a lifetime. We can handle your photographic needs in whatever environment necessary, but what sets us apart is our expertise in fashion photography. We invest a lot of time in the design and planning of pre-wedding or engagement photos, and together we will capture the perfect photos in our studio or outdoor setups. For your wedding we'll capture the small moments and memories that make up the story of your wedding. Reach out to us and let's get to know each other! We would love to meet you and be a part of your special day!

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You are unique and so are we. At Clowdus Studios we will work with you to create a custom package that fits your photography needs.   Contact us to learn how you can bundle your pre-wedding and wedding day photos to get the very best at a discounted price.  

For the final price and other special requests, please reach out to us. An instant discount may also be available.

(You can input Chinese for the quote if you prefer)


Pre-wedding Photos 

Bridal Portraits: $700 (20+ Images)

Engagement Photos: $800 (20+ Images)

Wedding Day Coverage

6 Hours (2 photographers): $ 2,500

8 Hours (2 photographers): $ 2,900

If you select the Bridal Portraits you we will reduce the cost of your wedding day photos by $500. If you select the Engagement photos, the reduction will be $600.

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We have passions for weddings but we are also professional fashion photographers too. Therefore, if you think you have high fashion clothes, with a style and would love to be our fashion model (we can also provide clothes, and not required for the previous experiences. We value the passion and good taste of fashion more, so if you are interested, contact us, please! This offer is not only for brides, but grooms and LGBQ+ are also all welcome! We love diversity and uniqueness). Please send us an email with your photos. If you are chosen, we can do the pre-wedding photos for you for free (The reduction for the wedding coverage counts). In return, you will contribute time with us to create high-quality high fashion or street fashion photos for magazines. Of course, if the photos got published, your name will be credited too.

If you are interested in this, please reach out to us.

(You can input Chinese for the quote if you prefer)

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