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Zach Clowdus

Tel: 214-315-5630 or 469-258-9490

Every Month, Clowdus Studios Do Photoshoots for No More Than 3 Events. Reserve As Early As Possible.

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What to Expect (Base):

A photo or film session is at least 30 mins long.

The price of a photo or film session depends on your required service type, location, period as well as other situations (e.g. special needs).

You will normally receive 25-50 professionally edited images and >100 corrected images with a copyright release for regular sessions.

Your images or videos typically will be delivered to you within 3 weeks after the shooting, through a downloadable link.

Your images or videos will be stored for 6 months.  

Extra services and products can be added to the individual contract on a requirement basis.


Estimated Pricing

Fashion/Studio Photos:

$399.00 (at least 20 pics)

Headshots / Professional Photos:

$150.00 (for 5 pics)

Events Photo :

$250 30 minutes session

$350 1 hour session

$490 2 hours session

$850 4 hours session

$1350 8 hours session

For the final price and other services, please request a quote. An instant discount may be available.

(You can input Chinese and Japanese for the quote 

if you prefer)

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